Happy Anniversary Ellery Farms | Oct.26.2015


My Wedding 13 years ago!


Ellery Farms at Dixon Grove has now had it’s doors open to Outdoor Weddings, Receptions and other Fine Gatherings for a Year now. Our busy Wedding Season is winding down and it’s time to reflect on what great accomplishments we have had and what we can do to make it even better! All of our events turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined. I remember when this dream was just a fleeting thought and not yet a reality.

I would like to Thank ALL of our EF Staff, Brides, their Families,  Friends, Guests & wonderful Vendors for supporting us & each other in making EF Weddings truly unforgettable. Through this beginning process and throughout the year we have encountered so many  friendly, generous & supportive people along the way from our community and surrounding communities. We heard such great & unexpected comments, compliments and support that made this long process of long nights, blood, sweat and tears all worth it! We are honored to have played a role in the making of new Unions beginning their future together! Each couple has left a special imprint on Ellery Farms. At EF we feel a strong sense of responsibility to help make your day as relaxing as it can be & as lovely as the relationship we are commemorating.

I would like to mention one of our first events of 2014 was on this day one year ago my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary Party was held at EF. I cannot think of a better “ribbon cutting” event than that one! They entrusted me to honor their day 50 years ago & give them another great day to remember at Ellery Farms and that’s just what we did. 50 years is a long time to be with your sweetheart your one true love…it’s time for a celebration. The 50th turned out to be so much fun, truly enjoyable & very exciting. Seeing all the smiles on guests faces some familiar and some total strangers enjoying themselves and their surroundings. The Farm House and Land was now glowing with laughter and cheer- it gave me a small glimpse into what could be encroaching around the corner along with a very hopeful heart, that our vision could and would come true for this once empty, lonely Farm House and desperate land to breath new life and energy.

Today is also a celebration of my Wedding Day with my one true love-John of 13 easy breezy years ~ today I said “I do” and boy “Did I”… Marriage is wonderful, hard, selfless and sometimes a down right nightmare and fairytale wrapped into one! Yes I speak the truth around here…We have much to be proud of~ a lot of ups and downs twists and turns but, life would be so boring if everything was bliss! I love you and enjoy our life together. I’m so glad I said “I do” and not “I don’t know” b/c my life would be very different and very boring! Thank you for always challenging me to be the best I can be!

Thanks & Love with All my Heart!

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